Pranayama is the yogic science of breath. The ancient sages found out that by controlling our breath we can increase and harness our very own life force. In Sanskrit this life force is called 'Prana'.

Maybe you have observed this how your breath gets rapid and unrhythmical when you are angry? Or when you are very focused on something the breath becomes so shallow that its hardly noticeable. Or perhaps you have experienced this when you are tired or stressed and you take a very deep breath how good you suddenly feel? Imagine you could feel like this all the time? 


This is pranayama in a nutshell. By breathing in a certain way you can take charge of your body, mind and emotions. 

Pranayama is an incredible powerful science to gain control over your life energy:


It can help you to:

  • drastically increase energy levels and vitality

  • establish a sense of deep inner balance and stability

  • make the mind steady and sharp

  • be less depend on food and sleep

  • bring you to deep states of meditation

  • greatly enhance your daily life by making you more focused and effective


Even though pranayama has such a huge potential it is probably the least practiced yogic limb in the western community. Its our mission to change that and make this wisdom more popular and available...

Yoga for Children


We teach yoga for kids in a fun and playful way integrating games, dance, singing, stories etc.


This creates a friendly and none competitive atmosphere, so the children can learn yoga in a enjoyable, kind and relaxed environment.


We love to share the whole package of yoga incorporating teachings of different yoga systems such as kundalini, hatha, ashtanga vinyasa, meditation, and little yoga philosophy.


During the classes we have a lot of fun practicing:


  • mantras

  • hand mudras

  • pranayama

  • surya namaskar

  • asanas

  • meditation

  • relaxation

The main goal is to really make the kids experience the spirit and benefits of this beautiful practice. Eventually, it will leave a seed in their heart and they can continue to practice confidently while growing up having the powerful gifts of yoga in their lives.


Couple Yoga

Practicing yoga as a couple can enhance feelings of trust, intimacy, and connection.

Learn how to perform different postures together with your partner adjusting and helping each other to go deeper into the posture.

This class may also include:

  • Thai Masage

  • Acro Yoga

  • Partner Meditation

  • Mantra

  • Adjustments

When two people practice yoga together, their energies will automatically harmonize and increase. While enhancing your flexibility, strength, and balance, practicing together as a couple can also make you feel more attuned to each other and there might be a growing sense of peace and dynamic energy between you. 

Ashtanga and Hatha


The practice of yoga asana is more than just some stretching exercise. There is an immense value of practicing asanas on a daily basis. They do not only improve your strength, flexibility and alignment of your spine, furthermore they massage all the vital organs and stimulate the hormonal glands of the endocrine system.

But the ultimate goal of asana is the control of subtle energy. 

As the yogis say: once your energy is balanced, there cannot be disease neither in the body nor the mind.

We teach Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga in a traditional and safe way adjusting every class to the needs and abilities of our students.


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