Our Story

Traveling the world together teaching yoga

We are a multicultural couple from Mexico and Germany. It's our love for yoga and Indian spirituality which connects us. Everything changed so much the last years. It's fascinating when you look back and realize that you are suddenly living the live you were dreaming about. For that we give credits to the transformative power of yoga. Yoga has the power to change. It can make your live intense, vibrant and joyful. This is our experience and it's our greatest passion to share our knowledge and practice with everybody wherever we go...


We love India and we keep coming back to visit our teachers to deepen our knowledge and understanding. There is an incredible amount of ancient wisdom present in the Indian culture and we keep traveling and learning more everytime.

Our Vision

Yoga here, there and everywhere

It is our wish that everbody could experience the powers of yoga regardless their location, age, health, family situation etc...


We are passionate to travel and bring the gifts of yoga to everyone at different parts of the planet. Right now we are focusing on teaching yoga for families, children and couples.  


Also we love to teach yogic breathing called 'pranayama'. It's undoubtedly one of the most powerful yogic practices and the next step after the asana practice. From our own experience we now what a big impact pranayama can have on your live. Unfortunately very vew people especially in the western world practice pranayama. It is our mission to spread the knowledge of this practice and make it more popular…

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