My story

My story

I am a psychologist, a yogini and a believer of power of yoga

I have experienced beautiful changes in my life since I started practicing yoga, I say they are gifts of yoga. Therefore, I would like to share my yoga practices and learnings with children and adults wherever I go.

I am a psychologist who graduated in 2005. After that, I started my academic training in child therapy taking courses on music therapy, language therapy, learning problems, and play therapy. Also I chose an alternative training to learn different techniques to help children and show their parents how to manage tantrums, anxiety, and stress through breathing and corporal movement. Therefore, I got certified in Miniyoga® in 2010.  During my Miniyoga® training, I fell in love with yoga.  I realized how it helped me with my body alignment, flexibility, balance, and strength and changed the way I saw life.  I also fell in love with teaching yoga to kids because it is fun, relaxed, creative, and helpful. Rainbow Kids Yoga also certified me in 2011 as well as Yokid in 2015. And Yoga for special Child certified me in 2016.

      Following my goal to improve my yoga knowledge and continue with my training, I did the 200RYT certification with Andrew Eppler at Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Norman, Oklahoma in 2016. After this yoga teacher training my commitment to teach yoga to different ages fortified. Most recently I traveled to Mysore, India where I did my YTT 200 hr leaded by Guruji BNS Iyengar and then I continued my education in mantras, philosophy and studying Yoga Sutras of Patañjali with Dr. M.A. Jayashree at Anantha Reseach foundation.


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